Let's invest more here.

Seattleites hold an estimated $70 billion in long-term savings. Almost none of that is invested locally.

To explore some of the tools at our disposal to invest locally, Seattle Good Business Network produced Community Capital: Seattle, an event series designed to educate, connect, and spark dialogue around the emerging field of community capital. Featuring successful models from here and around the country, we focused on a different investment model each month (see below), exploring how it can be used to channel money into our local economy and build a thriving community. Our monthly audiences included investors, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, academics, philanthropists, students, and engaged citizens.

Full Roster of Community Capital Events:

Month Topic
September 2013
Local Investing: A Community Workshop with Michael Shuman

October 2013
Cooperatives: a Model for Job Creation & Businesses Development

November 2013
Local Investment Networks & Clubs

January 2014
Creative Community Loan Models

February 2014
Crowdfunding, CSAs and Pre-Sales

March 2014
Community Banks, Credit Unions, CDFIs

April 2014
Direct Public Stock Offerings


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